Eagle Graphite Provides Update On Graphite Usage Study

Positive Results From First Report

We are pleased to provide an update to stakeholders with respect to the ongoing graphite usage study.


  • Test results show promising characteristics for premium applications for graphite produced at Eagle Graphite’s 100% owned Black Crystal flake graphite project.
  • Eagle’s graphite possesses a rich endowment of jumbo and super jumbo flake. The basic tap density and Scott volume test results are similar to premium Chinese graphite;
  • The concentrate sample submitted yielded 95%+ purity consistently across size cuts ranging from +50 through +230 mesh. This level of consistency is extremely rare in the industry.
  • EGA’s flake is moderately thick. This is welcome news for intercalation and expansion for graphite foil, fire retardants and battery applications.
  • For the most part impurities are scattered around the surface of the graphite flakes, with only minor amounts of gangue trapped in the macromolecules of flake. This indicates that EGA flake will be fairly easy to refine.

As outlined in Eagle’s most recent Corporate Update, a leading independent specialist laboratory is under engagement to further qualify Eagle graphite for high value markets, including battery materials. Ongoing research on graphite produced at the Black Crystal plant will continue through 2018.

The first progress report has been received which suggests quite promising characteristics. There are many aspects of the graphite to be excited about, including: low impurities inside the flakes, indicative of easier processing; thick singular flakes and not aggregates; distribution of flake sizes; and very rare stable purity at declining mesh sizes.

The next steps involve non-HF purification, intercalation and expansion and elemental analysis of concentrate. Each step to be performed in the usage study is designed to further independently qualify Black Crystal for specific value added product uses as part of expanding our offtake partner base.

Eagle Graphite CEO Jamie Deith states “The progress report is quite positive with our graphite scoring very well on most tests. The blend of qualities and flake sizes suggest suitability not only for battery markets, but for other established value added markets such as crucibles, foil, and fire retardants. We are trending towards a multi market product mix for which virtually 100% of our graphite will be in demand.”

Torey Marshall, Eagle’s EVP of Business Development, adds “The Company continues to work to demonstrate the value of the Black Crystal project in a number of ways. The progress report on the graphite that we can potentially supply to customers is extremely promising and opens up multiple pathways for expanding the offtake partner mix, with a particular focus on high value products.”

Images of Black Crystal Graphite

Figure 1 – +32 mesh flake from the Black Crystal project


Figure 2 – +50 mesh flake from the Black Crystal project


Figure 3 – +80 mesh flake from the Black Crystal project


Figure 4 – Expanded graphite worms from the Black Crystal project


Figure 5 – Expanded graphite worms from the Black Crystal Project, magnified.

Torey Marshall, Bsc (Hons), Msc (Geology), MAusIMM(CP), a “Qualified Person” as defined by NI 43-101, has approved the scientific and technical information in this release.




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