Eagle Graphite Invited to Appear Before House of Commons to Discuss Critical Minerals

Canada’s House of Commons is holding a series of parliamentary
committee meetings to study “… positioning Canada as a
responsible source in critical minerals and battery value chains
in support of renewable energy and clean technology…”. As a
representative of the mining industry, the CEO of Eagle Graphite
(TSX VENTURE:EGA), Jamie Deith, has been invited to give a
5-minute opening statement, and to join the subsequent discussion
panel on Monday, February 22, 2021.

Graphite plays a critical role as the battery anode in virtually
all commercially available lithium-ion batteries, including all
models of electric cars. Eagle Graphite has the only flake
graphite quarry in western North America.

“We are honoured to play a role in this process,” states Deith.
“The global shift toward new energy technologies is no longer in
doubt, but today’s supply chains are completely reliant on sources
that are non-transparent and prone to political manipulation.
Canada has an opportunity to establish ourselves as a stable and
reliable partner participating at all levels of the value chain,
if we decide as a nation to seize this role.”s which is being
introduced to the market this fall.

For More Information

House of Commons Standing Committee on Natural Resources
Notice of Meeting

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