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About Eagle Graphite

Eagle Graphite owns one of only two natural flake graphite production facilities in North America. The project, known as the Black Crystal graphite quarry, is located 35 kilometres west of the city of Nelson in British Columbia, Canada, and 70 kilometres north of the state of Washington, USA.

The project includes two mining leases, with a combined area of 300 hectares, valid until June of 2032 and renewable thereafter. The leases contain the active quarry area, and the plant facilities, respectively, and are accessible by Forest Service Road. The production-ready facility has historically produced at an equivalent output of 4,000 tonnes of graphite per annum. The electrical supply for the plant is a 13.5 kilovolt (kV) power line, and is upgradeable to 63 kV from the main 63 kV hydro line passing within 400 metres of the plant.

The local communities, serving a district population about 60,000, have a long mining history, a readily available skilled labour force, and abundant hydroelectric power drawn from the Columbia River Basin. Transportation infrastructure includes highways, two airports with daily commercial flights, and rail loading facilities in the nearby cities of Nelson and Trail.

Eagle Graphite Incorporated is listed on the TSXV under the symbol “EGA” and on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol “NJGP”.

About Graphite

Graphite is ideal for numerous applications as it has properties found in both metals and non-metals. Flake graphite accounts for approximately 40% of global natural graphite supply. The supply of flake graphite is concentrated primarily in China and Mozambique, with Brazil, North Korea, Canada and India accounting for nearly all of the remainder of production.  Applications include

Refractories  |  Lubricants  | Batteries  |  Fuel cells |  Nanotechnology, including graphene

Potential North American graphite consumption for electric vehicles is expected to grow by as much as 93,000 tpy by 2020, or the equivalent of 25% of estimated global flake graphite production of 375,000 tpy for 2013 (as noted by Industrial Minerals magazine)

Core Values


Compared to most graphite mining, the Black Crystal graphite quarry operation has the distinct advantage of having an unusually light environmental footprint. Graphite is easily liberated from the sandy host material through a low-energy, water-based flotation process that generates only environmentally benign, marketable by-products. Water is recycled to minimize net consumption and eliminate discharge requirements. The primary sand and gravel by-products are sold to local buyers. The finished graphite is non-toxic and non-reactive.


We take pride in our positive relationship with the local communities and those who share the many benefits of the area. We are fortunate to have a highly skilled workforce and industrial supplies readily available locally. Nearby population centres include the cities of Nelson, Castlegar, and Trail, and other communities such as Slocan Park, Winlaw, and South Slocan.


The health and well being of our stakeholders is paramount. Our operations fall under the Health Safety and Reclamation Code for Mines in British Columbia and WorksafeBC. We work only with low toxicity chemicals that pose no known significant risks to our work force and the surrounding environment.

meet the team

James Deith, President and Director

Mr. Deith has been a graphite company executive for ten years, and has total executive experience spanning 20 years. He is a former Managing Director at TD Securities, where he was co-head of a highly profitable global business unit in charge of exotic financial derivatives. Since 2004 he has been a Director of a successful private company specializing in treatment of sleep disorders.

Torey Marshall, EVP of Business Development

Mr. Marshall brings to the Company over 15 years of global resources experience, particularly in the project financing arena. He is presently the Principal at Vibrante Solutions Pty Ltd (his own consulting firm), and a Director of African Power & Coal (private company). His previous roles include those of Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of WAMA Gold, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Rampart Energy Ltd. and Earth Heat Resources Ltd.

Vernon (Rory) Miller, Operations Superintendent

Mr. Miller has been with the Black Crystal project since 2007. He is a fully qualified supervisor under the British Columbia Mines Act.

Victor Learmonth, Superintendent

Mr. Learmonth has been with the Black Crystal project since 2001. He has supervisory experience with numerous mining projects, including Black Crystal.

Steve Brunelle, Director

Mr. Brunelle has experience as an Officer and Director of numerous resource companies. He is the former President, CEO and Director of Amerix Precious Metals, and brings over 30 years experience as a Geologist.

Brian Bapty, Ph.D., Director

Dr. Bapty is a Partner at Northland Bancorp. He has over 14 years experience in capital markets.

Robert Matter, P.E., Director

Mr. Matter is a Consulting Mining Engineer at CH2M. He brings over 20 years of project engineering experience, including resource estimation and mine operating plans.


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